Let the Prime Minister and NEB decide

Exporting   natural resources exports , is  vital for our national economy.

So—what went wrong ?

The pipeline proponent shows up at the Hearings with mounds of glossy reports..for the National Energy Board to review … and make eventual recommendation to   the Federal Cabinet !

As the Hearings proceeded it became apparent that the NEB recommendation,WHATEVER, would be approved BY   GOVERNMENT ..”IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST” !

The local governments and interest groups made some attempt to ‘be heard’ but most  gave up as ,in the opinion of some,the hearings became a CHARADE..and  a farce !

We know  that Justin Trudeau ,while campaigning ,told the media that he ‘agreed’ that the Kinder Morgan twinned pipeline scheme was best !?? During a campaign one might draw hasty conclusions ..to ‘guide’  an undecided electorate….it’s been done before ?

Let our, now  beloved ,scientists and senior environmental gurus counsel Prime Minister Trudeau, and the NEB ,about a simple ,SINGLE, pipeline scheme to deliver Alberta bitumen to world markets…while minimizing the probability of bitumen spills in the  busy,international Salish Sea  ,Burrard Inlet,and  Douglas Channel..

Voila…pipelines mess fixed !