Michigan  … worry about human error, technology failure…. the capability …. to address a large-scale spill ….in the Great Lakes !


The challenge now is …for Enbridge to show how THEY will change , possibly  by implementing  a common business practice …yes ,the independent audit ..for operations.!


This  NTSB report (about Enbridge ,2010,Kalamazoo major spill..) tells us that the “PROBABLE CAUSE was…”DEFICIENT  integrity management procedures, which allowed well-documented crack defects in corroded areas to propagate until the pipeline failed.” …. a U.S.  regulator commented that Enbridge had a ‘culture of deviance AND “Not adhering to required procedures…

Typically, financial interests of shareholders and investors are protected with the external  audit of corporate FINANCIAL reports..

Why not then an independent audit,  of internal CORPORATE reports, about operations/safety practices …for  Board review and direction  … better assure the public ,the shareholders and the investors, that they are  better protected  from  ‘DEFICIENT’   integrity management’ ,!


Let these new pipelines investigation procedures   for  the   Enbridge Mackinac crossing set the new standard for all pipelines systems, new and old… 

Why not….?

Carl Shalansky , P. Eng.(retired)