We wait Mr.Harper’s decree to ‘allow’  construction of  Kinder Morgan and Enbridge)pipelines ….in the ‘NATIONAL INTEREST’ !  Democacy be damned !

Concerned citizens  are not allowed to speak about ‘silly’ issues such as—tank farm failures/fires –bitumen ocean spills from tankers in our busy,environmentally  sensitive waters (Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet,Salish Sea) that support multibillion dollar tourist revenue businesses and yes,national trade !

The public wait for the ‘live demonstration’ of  Mr.. Harper’s  promised ‘world class’ bitumen containment and recovery contraption…hopefully soon to be demonstrated in open ocean conditions ? You know—at night,during tide change,during  a howiling gale ,while bitumen laden tanker is hung up on a reef or  ??!

Yes modern transportation carriers may have pilots on board,yet even so ,may  ‘fail’—or ,because some ‘OTHER person’  who -–lacks training,is angered/distraught,vengeful ,has medication/alcohol issues ,is a religious/political fanatic,hanky panky,etc.??..

.Remember,pipelines don’t fail;PEOPLE fail  pipelines. Ships don’t just sink unless ‘assisted ‘by a PERSON—Airplanes don’t   just fall from the sky..unless helped by PEOPLE.. As such,the BC public do not wish  to sanction these unnecessarily  risky pipeline proposals ..

The  ‘new’ NEB process is a sham,some say ..! BUT MAYBE the upcoming National Election Ballot(real NEB ) could make things right..?

Democracy sometimes slows down matters  but here’s opportunity for the PUBLIC to direct our wannabe pipe-liners to LISTEN ,finally !

There is a  simpler,safer way, to ship  bitumen  to world markets—meanwhile our leaders dither ,Alberta frets , and export revenues suffer needlessly !!