Have the governments not noticed…how an  angry BC public ,utilized  the ultimate hearing process ,the  ballot box…and  contributed to ‘taking down’ 2 governments….and now wait for Oct 2019

Stephen  Harper Federal   government goes down !

The  Trudeau cohort ,Christy Clark, ‘liked’ the ill-conceived  Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)  …. Public  concern remains  about the inevitable diluted bitumen (dilbit) leak from the greatly increased number of tankers in our busy waters..  Trudeau Government  approved ,the goofy TMEP …with no independent ,science based risk assessment .

Christy Clark BC Provincial government  goes  down !

Revenue generating , pipelines are vital for Canada’s economy…A solution stares us in the face ,that reduces probability a tanker sourced dilbit leak from  a tanker . Build one smarter pipeline ,from Alberta to BC coast terminal, that offers tankers direct access to the open Pacific…