Mr. Trudeau,did promise to revisit the ’farcical’ so-called ,Kinder Morgan, NEB  public hearings…  ?? Apparently, this promised ‘revisit’, will NOT BE Mr. Trudeau, has already ‘decided’,per media report, that the KM,ill-conceived,pipeline twinning project is OK  !!
While PM Trudeau did an admirable job of presenting a ‘new Canada’ to the world during the several fortuitous world  junkets,…..  it’s now time to face these Canadian  issues…by doing what he promised…..“we’ll listen”, and “our scientists will be heard”… ?
Energy East..will  transport more oil,4 times the distance, of both our Enbridge and Kinder Morgan  ,COMBINED proposals…Why not then build ONE PIPELINE SYSTEM  to a more publically acceptable port location..Let the PM instruct the NEB to call for new  proposals…and LET THE NEW ,LISTENING, NEB,along with  the now revered scientists provide counsel, for government to review …and then DECIDE ..
No more dithering please…action required….after due process, please !