‘ Get Smart ‘

The Burnaby fire department are worried about Kinder Morgan (KM) the potential fires at their tank farm,which is located just above a Burnaby mountain-side neighbourhood .
Recall recent articles about the 9.0 Richter Scale quake..the ‘BIG ONE’ ?
Our governments are earthquake proofing and even replacing public infrastructure;costing BILLIONS ! Which KM infrastructure to be ‘earthquake’ designed and/or upgraded …and to what standard ?

There is no need for KM (or Enbridge) to threaten our waters and neighbourhoods with their storage tanks and those huge bitumen laden tankers .
Our busy,narrow, island bound waters are FORBIDDEN territory until Ottawa’s so called world class spill containment and recovery procedures are field PROVEN during TYPICAL open ocean conditions !

The oil and pipeline mega corps must have learned by now to listen to BC’ concerns before offering proposals….the NEB sort of
‘hears’ but our leaders do not listen !

Here’s a ‘SMART’ ,doable solution—build a combined (KM/Enbridge)pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson –to deal withmost BC public concerns !

Act…or fall ?