Kinder Morgan and Enbridge  would NOT LISTEN   BC’ concern about potential bitumen spills in our  busy,environmentally sensitive waters… in Burrard Inlet,Douglas Channel,Salish Sea .. Trans Canada(ENERGY EAST) DID LISTEN   to ‘Quebecers’ and will NOT build a shipping terminal on the St. Lawrence. in an environmentally sensitive area .. which  could  disturb the Belugas during the calving season…Imagine ,a pipe liner that listens…and responds !

Export revenues provide much of our national wealth… so export we must !
LETS MINIMIZE the probability of bitumen tanker spill incidents by BUILDING ONE COMBINED (K.I.S.S) PIPELINE from Alberta to Port Simpson ..which gives Alberta good access to world markets.. and eliminate any increased bitumen tankers through our busy , multibillion dollar ,environmentally  related,revenue generating businesses, No doubt they will scream about ‘the difficulty’ of such a cooperative scheme..Do we need to call for tenders for this ‘one pipeline’ scheme..and let the BC public choose the best proposal..
Our leaders won’t decide…then let the electorate decide at the ultimate NEB(the National Election Ballot)in OCTOBER ..and let the ‘new bunch’ use some common sense to fix this BC pipelines mess. ..Isn’t that how the system is supposed to work ??