Canada requires the resources export revenue to support our ‘sputtering’ economy…While Climate Change issues must be factored into our export plans we recognize that pipelines and oil tankers will be here …for a ‘while’ !

While   BC pipelines are near forgotten ….the ‘smarter’ Trans Canada(Energy East),pipeline plan proceeds.. with plans to deliver greater quantities of oil ,from Alberta to a New Brunswick terminus ..to serve a few refineries AND for export too !!

Corporate  leaders  must be better prepared to communicate their  need  for sharing  individual/community  lands ..A difficult task..and not without potential for mass  negative/angry feedback..such as we may have witnessed during our recent Federal election !

Why not follow the leader..build one ‘smarter’ pipeline form Alberta to a more open terminal location, north of Prince Rupert …and ALSO, build   a job creating oil refinery/petrochemical plant….Build it and they will come !

Let’s call it Energy West ,eh ?