Tugboat ‘managed’ cargo carrying vessels, and smaller ‘freighters’, are the life-line of many  coastal communities… Bella Bella locals, are  faced with potential release of 190,000 litres of tugboat diesel fuel ,into  their  waters, which is of considerable concern about  local sea life…Fortunately, this community  did  not  have to deal with a sunken , oil filled,  barge with  millions of litres on board…

First ,let’s deal with this known issue… and ensure that the existing marine traffic is ‘safely routed’ and adequately crewed, piloted  and equipped .


The PM appears to favour the  Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal ,to which    BC’ southern communities will ‘NOT GRANT PERMISSION’ !

Here’s the opportunity for PM Trudeau to show the public  that listening and science(not politics) will  to be the basis of his decisions…Let his ‘upgraded’ scientists    show us their scientifically studied risk assessment  that locates the ‘least-risk marine routing’ for local vessels….and ocean bound  Alberta dilbit tankers.