Everyone can still win !

The two BC PIPELINE industry proposals ,as offered, provide significant potential for bitumen spills in fisheries and environmentally sensitive areas.—
Affected INDUSTRIES need to learn to negotiate and coexist —AS AGREED , during the industry project planning stages??.

Our FISHING INDUSTRY is quietly supported by thousands of ‘volunteers’ , province wide, supporting the fisheries industries..including your neighbour,local industry/business AND First Nations .Many wonder why these pipe liners show little concern for the fishing ‘natural resource’ ..

Mr. Harper will argue that he must approve these pipelines in the Canadian ‘public interest’. YES, there is a ‘public interest’ because Canada’s BITUMEN and FISH are major ‘natural resources’ that provide much of the revenue to support our standard of living …

The recent NEB public hearings looked ineffective and eventually turned over the decision-making to a politician !

The simple, quick solution— consolidate both pipelines systems and load bitumen at Port Simpson—thus minimizing the potential for bitumen spills in BC waters .