The new ‘review panel’ will supplement/complement  the earlier NEB review ? Yes,publically disliked  pipelines are a tough ‘political sell’.. ..however  the new government easily ,

finds  $30 billion for vital infrastructure building,  and possibly untold billions to fix the world’s ‘climate change’ stuff… –all without  public input !! .

I like their new words ‘science,facts and evidence’ !

Our pipelines

‘saga’…includes four pipelines ,all in limbo..Recall Justin Trudeau telling us ..when/if he became Prime Minister…;the Northern Gateway pipeline ’would not happen’—‘DEAD” ?.. While electioneering Justin Trudeau was quoted in the press about favouring the Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning project ?How perceptive—and all without showing any ‘science,facts…or evidence’ !…And the other two other pipelines…one presumed DEAD after President Obama nixed the Keystone XL project following PM Trudeau’s decision to withdraw  CF 18’s from the Middle East !!

And lastly,The Energy East  pipeline, sits . Here’s a possible candidate for our PM’s offered  pipelines mediation services ..

Canada and ALBERTA wait…breathlessly !


In the west,one pipeline from Alberta to the BC coast is all that’s required…yes ,one, open ocean located  terminal,  minimizes the probability of having to deal with a bituemn spill in any of the BC environmentally sensitive,multi-billion dollar business revenue generators..