Fight FIRE with FIRE !

“A Burnaby  report outlines ….worst-case-scenarios. Trans Mountain (TM) filed a preliminary RISK assessment ……for National Energy Board review …TM encourage feedback..”


  1. Would City of Burnaby approve a new, 5.6 million barrel ,tank farm in this  location..? If not,why then should they approve a tripled capacity tank this same,insane, location ??

2.The Burnaby staff report will be compared to TM’s RISK ANALYSIS..and apparently that  report already   “concludes that ,…risk of a fire ….is low”.  So what’s the NEB supposed to do with that info….no doubt the TM report will have been prepared by a highly qualified risk analysis ‘expert’…guess who will win..What’s required is for Burnaby to retain a world-class risk analysis expert ,to work with their staff, and jointly offer THEIR conclusion for NEB review ……… Fight FIRE with FIRE –or forget it !!

3.This entire debate could be avoided if Kinder Morgan  just abandoned this ill-conceived pipeline twinning this  location…it’s time to MOVE safer ,more publically acceptable location..A simple plan would be to locate their bitumen loading terminal somewhere with minimal potential for bitumen spills in  busy  BC waters…

4.Easy to do—let Enbridge and KM combine their pipeline operations from Alberta to a minimum-risk ,open-ocean access location ,such as Port Simpson…giving Alberta access to world markets,etc….AND resulting in NO bitumen-spilling   tankers in our environmentally sensitive,multi billion dollar  revenue generating tourist locations…and  NO added BITUMEN TANKERS in BURRARD INLET,SALISH SEA ,or  DOUGLAS CHANNEL !

Possibly Christy could call Rachel and ‘’tidy-up’ this pipelines mess ! I’d guess that Stephen is  busy…tracking the polls.