Don’t Worry-Be Happy !

To show  concern about fires,etc. seems reasonable …
Why are our governments,and industry  are spending billions for earthquake proofing schools,hydroelectric dams…and considering other   infrastructure ..Surely all KM oil storage tanks will upgraded to meet current quake standards and potential fire scene ?
HERE’S A PLAN ,that would get us out of this pipelines mess ; combine the Enbridge(Northern Gateway Project and the KM twinning projects in ONE joint operation by building one pipelines system from Alberta to a terminal at Port Simpson ..providing open ocean access ,for Alberta bitumen, to world markets..
PLAN Benefits ;
1.BC main concern was and is concern about bitumen spills in our coastal waters.
2.Enbridge leaves Douglas Channel/Kitimat !! Kinder Morgan Twinning project cancelled ..
3.Best to wait for public demonstration of SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN spills handling technology.
4.A happier electorate during upcoming Oct 2015 election..