As we’ve noted editorially before, any prairie boy with five minutes on Google Maps can see Prince Rupert, …… is a much better idea than tying a tanker to a tugboat and running it down the long, narrow Douglas Channel. Enbridge …See more at:


Recall when Al Monaco,newly  appointed ENBRIDGE President and CEO hinted about the ‘possibility’ that Enbridge would locate at other than Kitimat/Douglas Channel.   .Imagine  the earnings lost from this  needless delay…One government paid the  the ultimate price…because they would not LISTEN..Then comes along the new leader who promised to LISTEN and use SCIENCE—but so far we;ve seen none of that !!…Well Mr. PM, you too have dithered needlessly..Thanks to our astute ‘prairie boy’ for offering this ‘common sense solution’…locate bitumen loading terminal ,OUT OF DOUGLAS Channel,…some where near Prince Rupert…wish I had thought of that..?

And while we’re at it  FIX THE ENTIRE BC PIPELINES MESS…. build JUST ONE  pipeline from Alberta to this NEW ideal port location….and ‘can’ that other dumb pipeline…..the so-called pipeline twinning project ,as proposed for the busy ,very lucrative,environmentally sensitive  southern  BC waters…OK ??