Malaysia is a major exporter of LNG but  now finds itself  searching  for  supplies to serve their own growing domestic needs….for now  Petronas remains interested .. hopefully a ‘fair   deal’ can be negotiated –  leaving  a ‘nice’ LEGACY item for the Premier ?..but can BC  afford to dither…Many areas have a surplus of natural gas..Russia,Iran,Saudi Arabia,U.S.A.,etc..
The BC Liberals no doubt they have noticed  that some long standing  incumbent governments  , were ‘gobsmacked’, so to speak !
The ‘steady at the helm’ approach didn’t appeal….CHANGE is what the electorate was seeking…although, about now, some Canadians may be the saying goes..’be careful what you ask for’ !
Possibly,even more unwelcome news..The new NDP government government sits firmly ,in office, NEXT DOOR..although Premier Notely remains a friendly neighbour…politics ,like war, is all about winning..!! I’d guess that the BC NDP would welcome ‘some pointers’ from their Alberta cousins ?
Yes ‘scary times’ ;  we’ll see !
Carl Shalansky , P. Eng.(retired)
3359 Redfern Place
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