Pipelines and oil tankers are necessary—but  corporate/political leaders we must  do a smarter job of ‘managing’  these revenue generating  resource export opportunities?
The  pipelines MESS  in BC—shows what happens when political and corporate leaders  choose to ignore public input/participation..
The public understands that there is no  perfect answer when it comes to building complex resource infrastructure . Our wannabe pipeliners  never provided  an independently produced  ‘least risk’ study/option..but we did see a risk study produced for ‘the  client’….and guess what ?
The resource industry continues to rely on bullying,always KNOWING that ,ultimately their friends in  ‘high places’ will clear the way for why bother to deal with those annoying ‘peasants’ ?
Boards of Directors will claim   that they provide Corporate stewardship..let THEM  ‘steward’ their corporation to a publically acceptable solution– by working with political and local leaders to gain a better understanding of the main/real  issues..The public are well informed and will not listen to the usual piffle .
Corporate and political leaders have hinted  that the current pipeline schemes …could stand  a ‘review’..but the corporations have unwisely chosen to ignore these ‘hints’.. Come on Boards, there’s still time to fix things !!

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)