WHAT’S GOOD for the GOOSE….?




“The   (Canadian National Energy Board) board takes protection of people and the environment seriously and it expects the same of the companies it regulates,”


“Currently, only six of the 104 major water crossings it has identified have valves within a kilometre of the banks on both sides, the regulator noted. “


Our National Energy Board (NEB) seems to have awakened –and finally have heard the Canadian public’ concern about Enbridge and their ilk !




“A public process is key to determining the threat posed by the pipelines and what further actions should be taken to protect the Great Lakes.”


Will Enbridge ever learn—lot’s of nice fancy talk by their new President and CEO soon after his appointment !  We were told that Enbridge had learned mightily from their ‘Keystone Kops’ fiasco….and that we should expect  magical changes in the Enbridge structure and culture ??


These two news stories(above)s seem to suggest that not much has changed—the Enbridge decisions look like something that the bean counter would have recommended to their Board…or do Boards allow themselves to be bothered by this ‘nuts and bolts’stuff ??

Our concern in British Columbia is much related to Enbridge in the Eastern part of our continent…we’re concerned about Kinder Morgan’s twinning proposal where they will build new pipelines for bitumen export to Asian markets—will their existing ,parallel 60 year old lines be required to add valves to river crossings AND WHAT ABOUT THEIR 1100 kms of NEW PIPELINES —WILL THEY LIKEWISE be required to meet the now NEB established valve requirements of the Line 9 reversal project—..surely YES !

Come on Mr. Monaco—appoint a Corporate Technical Officer –(CTO ) –who shall sit beside the new CFO at Board meetings ,to ensure that dumb decisions ,such reported above) are dealt,with ,appropriately, before leaving the Board room !