A UBC study of  impact  of an oil spill in Burrard Inlet ..  tells us about  the potential economic costs of a 16-million litre SPILL in Burrard Inlet.”…wow !
Now consider the  economic impact  , when one of those humungous bitumen laden tankers ‘hits’ and severely damages the Second Narrows CN rail bridge.with no resulting spill  ……now you have significant  potential impact on the Canadian economy….surely,worth mentioning  to THE NATIONAL ENERGY BOARD;our public protector –unless such trivia is not included in their terms of reference ??!!
Historically the Second Narrows,with assistance from the tricky tidal waters, has been a popular ‘bridge bashing location’ ! I recollect that the rail bridge operation was to be moved and  now to be remotely controlled from New Westminster ?
Assume that the tanker sustained  damage when ‘bumping’ the rail bridge….resulting in bitumen spill..!? Of course ,we need not worry ,because
Mr. Harper’s ‘world class’ bitumen containment and recovery  ‘contraption’ should ready soon..? 
We haven’t seen any test results….maybe Kinder Morgan and Port of Vancouver could set up a mock ‘spill-drill’ under the CN rail bridge..to .build public confidence… in this publically unacceptable,insane , pipeline twinning proposal !