We hope that someone will  lead the way,and get the BC/Alberta bitumen export pipelines built…with BC public support..
BC citizen’s do not  want   behemoth bitumen laden tankers UNNECESSARILY,plying our  very busy ,environmentally sensitive waters—which generate billions in annual profit/revenues for business and government .Energy East just agreed to ‘NOT BUILD A SHIPPING TERMINAL’,at an environmentally SENSITIVE location  on the St. Lawrence shores..did anyone notice ??
Much has been written about the BC farcical NEB  ‘un-public’ hearings….because the PM,in his wisdom, has chosen to ‘tinker’ with the NEB mandate..
There is a simple way to get these BC/Alberta,Enbridge/Kinder Morgan   pipelines built.
A new or relatively new Alberta leader should be able ‘encourage’ Mr. Harper,a ‘local boy’, to rethink these pipelines..before the result of the real NEB(National Election Ballot) are known !
Why not combine   Enbridge(Northern Gateway) and Kinder Morgan pipelines and terminate them in Port Simpson which eliminates extra bitumen bitumen tankers from Douglas Channel, Burrard Inlet and the international Salish Sea. ,..which offers wide open access to world markets..