Locals are concerned —though Woodfibre LNG Limited , vice president,said that LNG shipping is”absolutely safe, ….”-


We’ve heard similar claims by  bitumen shippers !!


In it’s early days (1940’s), LNG had some  ‘bad days’. After much research ,this industry can legitimately claim… ‘No accidents leading to loss of cargo have occurred over the history of maritime liquefied natural gas transportation.’

Now,and  in spite of BC public concerns, Enbridge  and Kinder Morgan   intend to send many behemouth bitumen laden tankers through some of our busiest and environmentally sensitive waters—while having NO scientific,independent research showing a PROVEN method for  handling that inevitable  bitumen spill —in typical ocean conditions..


In support of Canada’s  economic  need to export our resources… we need look for a common sense ,compromise, SOLUTION….Let’s minimize the consequences of a bitumen ocean spill by allowing shipping routes only where their is the least probability  of a spill—or major environmental damage..! STAY OUT OF ISLAND-BOUND DOUGLAS CHANNEL—and  THE BUSY,AND GETTING BUSIER ,NARROW OCEAN PASSAGES IN THE SALISH SEA. Independent studies show that the risks increase as traffic increases.

Recent headlines confirm that  there’s no perfect transport  infrastructure (pipelines ,rail,ships,aircraft,autos etc..)  ! We can however insist that industries prove their serious commitment to making the situation better.Recall when  Mr. Harper counselled,said—’let science help us to decide—NOT POLITICS  !’—good counsel Mr. Prime Minister get your oil pals to listen !!!