Canada’s premiers ,after a near week-long discussion ,have reached ‘AN AGREEMENT’ for a Canadian  Energy Strategy……a meeting which was initiated by Alberta Premier,Alison Redford  ,in 2012..

Mr. Harper’s Canadian Energy Export plan  should have been ‘well polished’ after a decade in office ! No, I never saw such a plan   either !??
The public and the NEB might have been better able to accept the BC pipelines  plan ,if we could relate to ‘parliament approved’  PLAN—for export of Alberta’s bitumen ?
ALL Canadians  enjoy  relatively high standard of living , largely because of  our natural resource exports,which typically require infrastructure(pipelines,etc.) for moving material to market—
During ‘difficult times’  our Federal Government can order export and interprovincial  infrastructure to be built….in the National Interest..That’s their job !
Mr. Harper did recognize the BC dissatisfaction and asked his colleague,Jim Prentice, to try get these pipelines back on track…then suddenly Rachel Notley and her NDP government has taken charge in Alberta…frightening stuff !
The provincial premiers’ AGREEMENT  should be beneficial ,eventually…but we may have to await the ‘ruling’ of the ULTIMATE NEB—the National Election see which ‘bunch’ will be called to Ottawa, come October 20th !