The Burnaby fire department  are concerned  about potential spills/fires in the Kinder Morgan(KM) ,earthquake prone,aging tank farm location.

In the ‘NATIONAL INTEREST’ Mr. Harper  could  ‘wave’ these ,poorly-conceived, pipelines  ‘through’ parliament–essentially ignoring  results of those ‘annoying’  public hearings  !


Why not locate Enbridge and KM bitumen loading facilities in a more open, world  access, location in the Port Simpson area and  avoid additional bitumen  tankers in Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet,the Salish Sea busy ocean passes and our environmentally sensitive , multi billion dollar annual job/tax generating businesses…

Will we ever  see Mr.  Harper’s ‘world class’ bitumen handling contraption…some are doubtful…??


I see in the media that Peter Watson, chair of the NEB stated.“… we wouldn’t want anything to occur that would put the public …at risk … … Kinder Morgan has indicated staff would PHONE THE FIRE DEPARTMENT !! …


Fortunately the BC public ,soon ,will  be presenting Mr. Harper with the results of the ULTIMATE  NEB..the National Election Ballot..come October..Maybe then ‘common sense’ will prevail.. and the ‘new bunch’ ,in Ottawa,  will have the opportunity to present the BC pubic with an acceptable pipelines plan..