NESTUCCA ‘small spill ‘ history..

 i was reminded about a ‘SMALL spill’  off the Washington coast…when a damaged  barge spilled 5500 barrels of bunker …

..resulting in oil slicks and many sea bird deaths…
A  CBC clip…. gives  some idea about how the clean-up exercise was handled   ….
So,what to …..larger oil tankers  to have limited access to busy, environmentally sensitive waters ,such as BURRARD INLET,SALISH SEA or DOUGLAS CHANNEL .. and generally to be  restricted to an open   ocean locations,say  near Port  Simpson—which offers open ocean access to world markets …This would  significantly reduce the probability of bitumen spills in our busy ,environmentally sensitive waters which generate billions in tourist revenues.
Question; Would Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) be called to help ,while a humungous bitumen laden tanker was hung-up on a reef near Haro Strait ,spilling large quantities of it’s bitumen cargo ?
…and does WCMRC  know if  Mr. Harper’s promised ‘world class’ bitumen containment and recovery system is to be  available SOON….Mr. Harper  does not respond !