It’s Not Too Late !






Had  Enbridge ever asked Hartley Bay residents about  bitumen shipping in Douglas Channel  location ?


Here’s the  Enbridge  response to the above question ;


“…… Northern Gateway filed a TERMPOL report( ….Based on the information supplied by Northern Gateway, the review  finds … no serious safety issues “.

However,we still have no scientifically proven method for containment and recovery of bitumen spills in TYPICAL OCEAN CONDITIONS !  We still

require a doable ,common sense method, of delivering Alberta bitumen to market.

The  NEB (in the Canadian public interest)should have solicited independent bitumen spill risk-analysis experts …..a second opinion.

BC’ major concern  is about bitumen laden tankers travelling UNNECESSARILY in our busiest ,most environmentally sensitive ,revenue generating  tourist locations.


Instead,we could  minimize the potential and consequences of  an ocean bitumen spill if Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipelines would look at a combined operation.. from Alberta to PORT SIMPSON (which provides open access to world markets,and eliminating most bitumen tankers from the busy,environmentally sensitive waters).

Maybe then the wannabe pipe liners and Mr. Harper ,could regain some public acceptance ….before October 2015 !