Local leaders see ‘deficiencies’ in the public hearings process.. ..

It’s time  for BC leaders and the public ,ALL TOGETHER, to make it clear to Mr. Harper ,that these  pipeline proposals ,are unacceptable  ! T

he  209 NEB and  the  5 BC conditions may  be resolved by  ‘experts’,without public input…..Then we’ll end up with two   pipelines—each , still , in the wrong place..!!

Alternatively , BC  could approve  a ‘common sense’ combined pipeline, while  minimizing the threat of ocean bitumen spills and  adversely affecting  BC’ multi billion dollar tourist/fishing  industries ,which are much  related  to the  environmentally sensitive waters  of the Salish Sea and the island-bound Douglas Channel !!


We see  no independent ,’WORLD CLASS’ , scientific studies to demonstrate  that bitumen ocean spills can be contained and/or recovered in typical ocean conditions ! Also , independent ,scientific studies have shown that the proposed increase in oil tanker and other shipping traffic does increase the risk of bitumen ocean spills. The   NEB did   NOT HEAR these readily available reports..


Mr.Harper CAN approve  any pipeline, he ‘fancies’,in the National Interest !   –—that’s his job !!

There is a relatively easy way to bring the Alberta bitumen to the export market—without unduly putting at risk the BC’ busy ,environmentally sensitive waters…………

Build an Enbridge/Kinder Morgan , combined pipelines system from Alberta to Port Simpson which provides open ocean access to world markets while ELIMINATING  ADDITIONAL BITUMEN TANKER TRAFFIC through  southern Salish Sea and Douglas Channel waters