Ignorance is no excuse !

PIPELINES DON’T FAIL,PEOPLE FAIL PIPELINES…!—The PEOPLE on the Board will claim to provide STEWARDSHIP .  Was the Enbridge Board aware of the ‘health’ of their system ,circ. July 2010.. ??  If they were NOT aware..that’s a classic case of  PEOPLE FAILING the  PIPELINE !


A Corporate Technical Officer(CTO) position  ,should be created and made RESPONSIBLE to keep the Board abreast of national/international pipelines technical developments  ..AND  to monitor ‘the health’ of in-house operating/technical conditions.  The CTO  would be required to prepare ongoing ‘technical’ counsel to  the Board —-to assist the Board to decide/act  on remedial action—in a timely manner..

Yes,corporate operations staff could  provide  the material about actual conditions in the field..—but what’s happening elsewhere in the ‘pipeline world’  should provide the best overall data for better corporate decisions/actions(stewardship) !  After an ‘incident’ you’ll often hear the defence..’we followed the standards’!  —Better to be leaders  (rather than followers) in the complex technical pipeline industry.


A Board that says ‘we want to know’  we will be better able to look after shareholders long term interests…the key responsibility of the Board !.