In The Canadian Public Interest !   “The purpose of the NEB is to regulate pipelines … in the Canadian public interest…” !

The BC public  may be satisfied if  the pipelines plans were  ‘adjusted’ to MINIMIZE the probability of bitumen spills in Douglas Channel and other the busy  marine passes,harbours,sensitive environments,world class  travel sites ,etc.  , that generate multibillion dollar TOURIST business and FISHERIES revenues  …..

There still , is NO INDEPENDENT,SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN method to contain or recover an ocean bitumen spill… in typical ocean conditions..!

In the Canadian (BC) public interest…  let Mr. Harper instruct  the NEB to direct Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to change routes and jointly  operate a combined pipeline system (possibly in common pipe line corridor)from Alberta to Port Simpson—which provides open ocean access to world markets for Alberta bitumen..This route eliminates the behemoth bitumen tankers in our sensitive,busy  waters .

Since the wannabe pipe liners and the NEB chose,from day one, to ignore ‘the BC public (concern) interest’ about bitumen spills in our waters

they  are left now with one option…

FIX the  PIPELINES MESS NOW.,in the COMMON SENSE way….or does Mr. Harper  suggest that Canadians   should choose to await  the possible ‘pup’ Justin solution ??