I hear media reports that Calgary Mayor Nenshi wants to see Vancouver Mayor Robertson’s math…’about hunderds of thousands of jobs being at risk’…if a serious bitumen spill occurs  into Vancouver Harbour..

Vancouver Harbour handles many goods reasonably well ..Enters bitumen in our local waters !

Most understand that bitumen goes to the bottom…and  later will  end up our south-coast beaches..Let’s assume a major bitumen spill when a huge tanker ‘takes out’ a  national rail system at  CN Second Narrows rail bridge(again).Impacting ;

1.National import/export trade..  !

2 . BC’ multi billion dollar , environmemtally related businesses seriously affected…….

Mayor Robertson’s estimate of hundreds of thousands  ‘isn’t too bad ‘ when considering  the national impact ??

Yes,a scientific ,statistical(risk assessment study)  impact study could show the probability of a bitumen spill to the ..to assist the decision makers to make a common sense decision…to look at a different bitumen export scheme…with the aim of  reducing the probability of a major bitumen spill in the southern BC busy marine waters…..no such independent,expert statistical risk assessment report report was shown to the NEB..or the public..why not?

I’ll bet that Calgary is polishing up their statistical risk studies about the probability   of another flood…

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to locate the bitumen shipping terminal away from our  busy waters  .. and get the Alberta bitumen transported to market ,with much reduced probability of a major destruction of our marine waters and adjacent shores and beaches?

The Calgary problem is not so easily solved…sadly .