Two contractors have been hired by the state(Michigan) to assess the spill risk of … aging oil pipelines (Line 5)…under the Mackinac Straits.

Enbridge agreed to pay $3.58 million to fund an independent risk analysis and alternative analysis ..

(Michigan Attorney General)…Schuette said “We are now taking the next step forward to formally define the environmental and financial risks we face.” …???



Surely the State can spring for a ‘few mil’ to protect the public from a potential multibillion dollar Straits/Lakes oil  spill..?

Some of us in British Columbia (BC) have argued similarly for an independent risk assessment of proposed Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipelines proposals in BC.. Our new Prime Minister  talked repeatedly about the need for ‘science’ to help us decide..We’ve  not seen any  expert,independent science ….to assess potential economic and environmental  damages when/if spills occur in our  waters !

Hopefully your study will help you to decide on a course of action…Meanwhile we’d suggest  our leaders initiate studies  be are held more  ‘at arms length’…