The Canadian economy, still, thrives largely on our natural resources exports. We recognize that our government is ‘looking for a way’ to  deal with  the potential  ‘environmental’ and ‘economy’   threatening features of the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipelines proposals !
Mr.  Horgan stated today …”we need to have a credible process to evaluate the risks”    http://www.straight.com/news/705261/bc-ndp-leader-john-horgan-says-kinder-morgan-pipeline-not-bcs-best-interests EXACTLY !
All major infrastructuere presents some risk…and little has been done about seeking  an  expert,independent, RISK ASESSMENT  of increased bitumen tanker traffic  in BC’  waters…
What  to do ? Find  a  ‘scientifically studied’,  ‘less  risky’ port location…….that would reduce the probabiity of a bitumen spill in our multi billion dollar environmentally sensitive, rich tourist revenue locations..
Yes ,build just ONE  ‘COMMON SENSE’ pipeline , from Alberta, to a scientifically studied ‘minimum risk’ PORT location.
The traditional ‘bully approach’ no longer works !…The new  builder/operator proposal ,must include   publically  acceptable shipping routes…  to deliver Alberta bitumen to market.