Prentice Approach !

“That starts with quality regulation …. without a world-class regulator and first-quality science you can’t advance an environmental agenda. More to the point, you can’t defend yourself nationally or internationally and frankly that’s the position Alberta has been in for many years.””I’ve been quite outspoken that if you want to excel in the energy business you have to excel in the environment business,” he told the Herald’s editorial board in July.On Monday, Prentice was adamant “Alberta needs to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change.”
As for ‘quality REGULATION…where do you find that ??”. What did the National Regulator regulate..during  the ,(Enbridge) Northern Gateway (NG),HEARINGS —where there was little LISTENING happening ?While the BC public ,from day one, spoke out against the Kitimat terminal and –Douglas Channel Routing)..The Enbridge leading lady Janet Holder tried to tell the BC peasants the wonderful NG plan—with grade school like ,condescending ads ,which alone likely did more to alienate BC about the proposed bitumen one heard our fears of bitumen spills in the island bound environmentally sensitive Douglas Channel and other exit channel ,tricky ,passages… The entire hearing exercise appeared more like a nodding heads exercise—that culminated with the panel eventually applying 200 conditions—which will be dealt with by some ‘experts’—and wit NO PUBLIC INPUT ! So much for the PUBLIC hearing.The traditional bully tactics of pipeliners is no longer going to fly—and Mr. Harper’s threat to, with his heavy hand ,declare these pipelines of National Interest..will not be welcomed—at the polls .
So Mr. Premier maybe have a talk with your pipeliner buddies and give them a lecture about discussing their plans before sending in the chain saw gang…BC  handles much of Canada’s export and import business..we know how—so start your ‘pipe dreams’ with the courtesy of discussions about possible ,publically acceptable routing- through our lands and waters,please–These are not decisions for the bean counters ….the public knows that Canada’s resource exports will find their way through BC and ultimately exit from  our shores…..which we will want to negotiate —and PLEASE leave the bully bean counters and Janet at home until the routing decisions are agreed All the same arguments apply for the threatening,unnecessary,ill-considered Kinder Morgan so called twinning project.! Much has been written about the BC concerns—and again nothing was heard—except   the chainsaws in Burnaby..Come on pipe dreamers—awaken and build common sense pipelines—this is the 21st century –the Texas bully days are gone.
As many have seen and heard—there is a simple way to bring Alberta bitumen to the BC it is again..terminate both piepines at Port Simpson—and solve most problems quickly..

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)