Kinder Morgan handy pipeline scheme not necessary ,as proposed !

Everyone acknowledges that a  bitumen spill could ‘happen’ …so why increase that probability…by allowing  the 7 fold increase in the busy  Burrard Inlet …Build one bitumen transport infrastructure system… for bitumen export .Let the scientists study the risks and select where the  likelihood of a tanker spill is least likely to occur. Not perfect..but the BC public would understand …if the NEB openly discussed their recommendation publically. Why not  include ,the seemingly defunct, Northern Gateway volumes also…Alberta waits !

That least-cost KM, bean counter, design should be scrapped. Let the new   ‘modernized’  NEB ,after expert, INDEPENDENT scientific risk-assessment, determine where and who should build the bitumen export infrastructure.

Or do we worry that   some fanatic  ,with a small vessel, loaded with explosives, takes out a bitumen laden tanker under the CN rail bridge… Do we need to have the Canadian Navy escort the bitumen tankers….just in case ??