“Trans Mountain (Kinder Morgan ) ….values it’s relationship with the US tribes” …and “we will continue to be committed….to  minimizing impact” ??.. Recall when  KM told the BC public
they had ‘no responsibility for shipping’ ! Now the KM sudden interest in ‘minimizing the impact …how,pray tell??
……intended to evaluate potential ……risk …and discusses actions that could be taken to mitigate increases(“minimize”!) in oil spill risk …………………in the northern Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca ….
Strangely,this same report  was offered,but not heard, at recent ,Vancouver ,NEB public hearing of ‘Kinder Morgan’ pipeline twinning project ?
In the PUBLIC INTEREST, let NEB   contract for an  independent,scientifically authenticated risk analysis in  Southern BC and Puget Sound waters for review by NEB (and US EPA) …
Would it be safe to assume that ,after Washington and BC public review  the results of these  studies,  our NEB ,,might be forced to conclude that  KM change ocean routing… and transport all the bitumen from Alberta to a wide open port near Port Simpson,BC..which provides relatively open access to world markets..
and leave the Salish Sea as is !