Does this Bella Bella spill incident provide a clear signal that First Nations  should manage   a significant part of the coastal community spill cleanup/rescue  infrastructure…Look at their contribution  in past marine disasters such as the Queen of the North and   MV Leviathan II, whale watching vessel capsized.(Oct 2015), incidents, etc.,etc…

There is no option but to continue carrying supplies to remote coastal communities with tug managed barges .

However when it comes transporting  bulk quantities of bitumen we can ,and must , exclude the much larger ocean bound ,oil laden vessels from our inlets and narrow passages…such as in Douglas Channel and the Salish Sea(Island passes)…We have an opportunity now to ‘correct’  the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan ill-conceived marine shipping proposals …while relying  on improved ‘local spill’ handling for the smaller oil laden barges.


Until we can eliminate human error we must do our best to minimize the probability of a ‘tanker-size’ spill in our busy, environmentally sensitive ,multi-billion  dollar revenue generating waters…by mandating that the larger tankers are prevented from ‘sailing’ in our tricky island bound waters…and restrict them to open sea terminal locations…such as Port Simpson.