Maurice Strong was the founder of the Global Warming/Climate Change religion  …a Canadian that had converted many international leaders with his gospel…see many Maurice Strong stories online .

Recall that our PM ,and a planeload of Canadians, attended the Paris Climate gabfest and came back fully converted ,and no doubt proud of our Maurice… ??

Here’s a story by Christopher Booker (The Telegraph , UK ),Dec 2015

Farewell to the man who invented ‘climate change’ .“A very odd thing happened last weekend. His death was announced as  the man who, in the past 40 years, has arguably been more influential on global politics than any other single individual. “Had it not been for this man, we would not last week have seen 150 heads of government joining 40,000 delegates at Paris climate conference… few people even know his name.


Rachel Notley ,relative to Energy East, has no problem with upstream effects, but suggests to our leader that   it makes no sense to tack on downstream effects for  a pipeline …while conveniently ‘forgetting’ about the downstream effect of autos produced ,in the vote rich East !

Here we go…again ?