Further to Peter O’Neil’s Vancouver Sun story ,today…



Exporting oil is very much  in the National Interest… so let’s export !

Let the PM assign his experts to search for a more publically acceptable (less risky) oil export proposal. .. where the  probability of a marine based dilbit spill is minimal.… Of course  Kinder Morgan prefers ‘their’ bean counter designed ,least cost, ‘handy’ ,pipeline twinning scheme…that leaves Burrard Inlet communities with  near 7 times more dilbit laden tankers in busy  Burrard Inlet and the southern BC  many Gulf Island  passes , the greatly increased tank farm capacity in a residential neighbourhood,etc.,

The key BC concern, always has been about dilbit spills…into our marine  waters…or my backyard ,as the KM  60+ year old pipeline weaves its  way through neighbourhoods .


It was for similar reason(fear of dilbit spills) that the Enbridge ,Northern Gateway project failed the BC public relations ‘test’. Sending dilbit laden tankers through the island- bound Douglas Channel…and the cherished Great Bear rain forest area….. quickly ,was outright rejected by most…the Prime Minister agreed .

Surely our advisors and scientists should be able ,with the PM’  counsel ,to ‘listen’ and ‘use science’,   confirm that there is a better ,SAFER, pipeline plan available.. One that would permit Alberta to ship dilbit,to the BC coast, in a more acceptable ,risk-free, manner…and still meet Alberta’ export needs,

Build one pipeline from Alberta to a dilbit loading terminal near Port Simpson …and give tankers a less risky ,wide open access to the Pacific.