During the election campaign, common sense activities must cease !
Some of Mr. Harper’s  breathtaking  ‘offerings’ …
….a Memorial to the Victims of Communism…??
…we’ll ‘send’ Canadian bombs to Syria –while knowing that the bombs already ‘sent’ by the West has made the situation worse !!.
…scolds Mr. Putin about the Ukrainian problem  ,without spelling out ‘the Canadian consequences’ for his misdeeds !!
…  Canadian policies clearly favour Israel ,while many million suffer in refugee camps..  
…can’t accept a ‘NO’ decision for the Keystone XL pipeline project..Well ,he was told  ‘NO’ by Mr. Obama….meanwhile our western Canadian pipelines mess remains unresolved !
Canada may have  over-reacted during the ‘perceived threats’ ,during  WW1 and WW 2—when we interned Canadian-Ukrainians and Canadian-Japanese..
The Federal government continues to  look for that  ‘lurking’ enemy—but do they over-react ??
Religion and culture are bonding features of a group—When a group ,with ‘different’ religion and culture’ ,finds itself in a foreign land they may be misunderstood.
Our government’ insistence that everyone comply with some ‘unwritten’ rule..is bewildering ! When will we learn to work at understanding ..rather that ‘branding’ different behaviour as something to be  feared ? Some of OUR FOREFATHERS were ‘different’, ….and now their offspring are running  the country.. ..
Different regalia,head/face coverings seem to ‘spook’ our  leaders..
Canadians may learn a religion or culture   at mother’s knee or are born ‘different’—some may wear a kilt !!!
Recall Colin Powell’s warning about Iraq- “If you break it—you own it…” ..surely ‘more bombs’ should help to put Iraq back together !
Yes,we must deal with the ISIS or similar situations…and religious/political ‘fanatics’  will continue to be dealt with accordingly–