Mayor Robertson might best wait for a ‘global’ consensus about climate change….in the meantime oil and gas are a major source of energy production, and  provide significant tax revenue and good jobs..
Our politicians must to put together a strong case for ‘making a better’  bitumen export plan ..something which the BC public could accept !
Find   shipping lanes  that present the minimum  probability of bitumen ocean spill incidents ..NOT IN OUR MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE AND BUSIEST WATERS—- Douglas Channel , Burrard Inlet,  the Salish Sea passages and the  Island’s shores . These areas  generate multi-billion dollar tourist revenues ,annually, for BC.
Fortunately, the vicinity of Port Simpson offers a better location for a bitumen loading terminal and  provides relatively open access for  Alberta bitumen to reach world markets….The solution then is for Kinder Morgan and Enbridge to build one ,simpler,jointly operated pipelines system ,from Alberta to Port Simpson..
The provincial city mayors/municipal leaders  ,collectively,must ‘GO POLITICAL’ ! Also, we now have a perfect timing opportunity ,during local elections,for a  Province wide-plebiscite about the pipelines SOLUTION .
Mr. Harper  does not want face an unhappy  BC public in Oct 2015.