The recent NEB listening panels ,  confirmed  that communities  will not ‘grant permission’ to locate  the ill-conceived Kinder Morgan  dilbit infrastructure  in our busy ,environmentally  related, rich, business income and tax revenue waters .This result  basically confirms PM Trudeau’s recent comment …that “after due deliberation… governments grant permits…and ultimately communities grant  permission”.

Subject to the Panel recommendartion to the NEB…our government now must ‘deliberate’ until they come up with a publically acceptable plan to export Alberta oil . Our PM did offer to mediate   in the pipeline in review… While climate change matters are decided…we must  export dilbit…in the National Interest !

Where is the location that offers the  least likelihood of a dilbit spill ? Once that location is determined  the PM can make his decision…


The simpler the better. Some have suggested to build just ONE PIPELINE system from Alberta to a loading terminal location that provides more open access to the Pacific .