Where’s that inevitable dilbit spill likely to “happen”…what about on a reef ,in some island passage in the Gulf Islands…or worse  ???…at night,with a gale blowing, at tide change…!

Why consider allowing dilbit laden tankers to travel our busiest/trickiest   waters when we have the opporunity to direct these tankers to travel  only in   ‘scientifically determined’ ,less risky, more open routes…such as might be determined  by Transport Canada scientists…‘in the Canadian public interest’  !!

A quick look at a BC coast map suggests a pipeline terminal location north of Prince Rupert…NOT Douglas Channel, Burrard Inlet…or the  Salish Sea…

Yes, build just ONE pipeline system from Alberta…surely  doable, if our Prime Minister(having listened and applied the promised science ) would bring  the principles together   to ‘mediate’ the critical BC/Alberta  pipelines issue !

A couple of BC MP (Burnaby North Seymour and Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam) have ,bravely, brought the BC concern to the PM’s attention…while  other government MP’s sit obediently…

Also …when the first dilbit laden tanker leaves the KM loading terminal…on or about October 19,2019….can you imagine that the BC electorate will have forgotten !!!