Dithering and lack of pipeline leadership

EFFECTS:Bitumen production significantly reduced, economy threatened, an election issue,unhappy electorate, customers wait.
CAUSES; Dubious project planning , NEB    rules  too ‘pipe liner friendly’  ….  BC  public input restricted/ ignored , lack of leadership .
REASONS: Both  pipelines,AS PROPOSED, would significantly  increase volumes of bitumen tanker traffic in the island-bound Douglas Channel,and  the  busy Salish Sea  passage ways.
‘Worst possible’ marine routes chosen …!!
No independent,scientifically tested and proven method  to  contain and recover a bitumen spill  in TYPICAL OCEAN CONDITIONS.
Existing studies show a greater risk of bitumen spills when shipping  traffic is increased … ….but NEB  chose to not  hear these reports.. !
DOABLE SOLUTION..Combine Enbridge and Kinder Morgan  pipeline proposals and ship to world markets from an open sea terminal at Port Simpson ..thus minimizing threats to environment and  our multi-billion dollar, tourist related  business and tax revenues ..while giving the BC public a more  acceptable method to get the Alberta bitumen to market !
Maybe Keystone XL, and a refinery ,could join the venture to create a mega  ENERGY WEST  plan –why not ??