Minimize the risks !

Opinion: Northern Gateway proposal carries too much risk …,writer Ph. D. Dennis Takahashi Kelso’ says…..his credentials/experience suggest that his observations be given serious consideration..
All the sectors of the ENERGY INDUSTRY struggled in the early days—For instance ,search the 1944 Cleveland LNG disaster—70 years hence ,LNG now considered safe !
BC does not accept being a ‘guinea pig’ while Enbridge and Kinder Morgan ,along with their bitumen shipping partners ,EXPERIMENT , on our COAST—.

Don’t PLAN to send bitumen tankers into any busy,narrow,island bound waters ,and sensitive fisheries. Terminate BOTH Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipelines near Port Simpson area..In this way our leaders address many of Dennis Kelso’ concerns –by practically eliminating risks …in sensitive areas !

Organize an INDEPENDENT study of the Bitumen challenges—where all the interested parties (pipe liners,producers,shippers,governments,insurance industry) contribute to joint Canadian/U.S .university research to produce a WORLD CLASS bitumen transport/handling study .

B.C. has always supported the beneficial, national , import/export industries ..but with this challenging BITUMEN situation we insist that risk be minimized….surely that’s a just/reasonable CONDITION ?