Mr. Gin’s prognostications about human error(people !),saboteurs/terrorists,tanker and storage tank ‘incidents’  ,etc..may sound overly alarmist to some..
Recall   when Canada,in 1970, was challenged by    ‘terrorists’ who kidnapped and murdered ,in support of their cause…the Prime Minister  invoked the War Measures Act……this was to challenge an ‘enemy’ that was local ..Today the enemies are more numerous and are international and  more ‘invisible’   .The recent  Paris and  Belgium  disasters ‘happened’ when governments were on high alert…
Mr. Gin’s research points to many vulnerable areas ..which must be scientifically/strategically analysed…before we install pipelines and tanker routes in the wrong place—unnecessarily ! !
Our government  is rebuilding/ replacing  schools and public buildings….likely because of scientific  ‘risk assessment’ studies ABOUT EARTHQUAKES….?
I can’t imagine any strategically valuable, vital  infrastructure, proceeding today without a ‘high calibre’ risk assessment for ‘management and investors’ consideration..Our government seems content to let our wannabe pipe-liners  put their pipelines and related tankers  in the handiest location..without  INDEPENDENT ,expert,risk assessments ..and slight  recognition of BC public concerns..about the inevitable bitumen spill in our multi-billion dollar environmentally related businesses ?
We require ONE  pipeline .terminating in an open ocean BC coast location…..not Burrard Inlet,the busy Salish Sea or Douglas Channel,etc. !
Restart the hearings  and review  pipe-liner proposals   that resulted from LISTENING  and SCIENTIFIC  STUDY …by the best in the business !!