Mr. Monaco ,President and C.E.O. Enbridge, ’understands’ the ‘new oil patch reality’..
 I recollect when Mr. Monaco appeared to UNDERSTAND/HEAR why the BC public resisted   the ill-conceived Enbridge plan to send mega bitumen-laden tankers through   Douglas Channel…..The ‘REST’ at Enbridge CHOSE …to not hear.. !
Now, ’years hence’, Premier Notely comes along with glowing promises about the new oil patch ‘issues’. Again, the  astute Mr. Monaco,alone?, HEARS ! !
  Is Kinder Morgan  LISTENING  ?
The ‘astute’  public  remains angry at the pipeliner’s ‘deafness’ ..and recently the public were HEARD, as they changed TWO GOVERNMENTS…Was pipelines DITHERING an issue ?
Is  now he time to right the ‘oil’ ship…and build oil infrastructure that  B.C./Alberta  COMMUNITIES   can accept ?

 With the NEW,hopefully  common sense leadership ,could  Premier Notely  see  ‘at least one pipeline to tidewater… come true…’…sooner, rather than later ? 

Carl Shalansky , P. Eng.(retired)