Environment Minister  Ms. McKenna …..says that SCIENCE .and Canadian participation will be key to future pipeline assessments….and ,and ….during pipeline debate ??

We’ll see..

Recall when PM Harper told us that SCIENCE,NOT POLITICS SHOULD HELP US DECIDE…..then  muzzled scientists … ‘diluted’   NEB review procedures   !   Then came the  Fed (JULY 2015)announced   ‘proposed BC ‘Think Tank’ ‘ to STUDY the ‘RISKS OF MARINE SHIPPING’   ?

Some science DID HAPPEN …Washington State,with  EPA funding ,studied  increased marine traffic, in our shared Salish Sea .”The study CONCLUDED    “…simply…there is no guarantee that RISK increases ….. can be fully mitigated.”  This science was NOT HEARD by our NEB .. !

Pipelines and oil tankers will be with us for a while,yet…..the  practicable  ‘remedy’ would be  to minimize the probability   of that feared bitumen spill ..and with public participation  and the ‘promised science’ the BC public should accept the resultant  scientifically ‘concluded’ SMARTER PIPELINE AND SHIPPING PLAN .