Burrard Inlet Community Residents ,‘BICRes’ , knows that  Mr. Harper  lacks an  of understanding of  one of BC’ MAJOR INDUSTRIES—our multi-billion dollar tourist,environmentally related ,businesses–which stand to be adversely affected ,UNNECESSARILY,when that inevitable bitumen spill happens in our  waters !

Mr. Harper’s appointment of a Kinder Morgan insider to the NEB does not surprise.

The KM proposal to increase ,by orders of magnitude ,the number bunker laden tankers in our busy Burrard Inlet  and the Salish Sea is baffling !

The  Enbridge  plan, to send their bunker laden tankers through  the island-bound Douglas Channel –also baffling !

Luckily, we  have the   ULTIMATE NEB (National Election Ballot) that will determine who will make-up  the ‘new Ottawa bunch’,who then must  order the NEB to call on the pipeline industry for a ‘sensible’ pipelines system –from Alberta to Port Simpson—-which removes most bitumen laden tankers from our major revenue generating waters . ..Alberta waits !