Negotiate,decide,act !

Though there are many naysayers, a pipeline is required..but let it be a ‘smart’ pipeline !!
The pipeline proponents and our government, with little communication or government PLANNING ,have dictated ‘dumb ocean routes’ that threaten our ‘special’ environmentally sensitive waters and shoreline areas with potentially,frightening consequences…Yet each proponent plans to (unnecessarily) travel through these ‘special’ areas when no one has a clue about containing /recovering bitumen spills in TYPICAL ocean conditions “ !
Mr. Harper has declared ,that the Enbridge (Northern Gateway pipeline) SHALL be built subject to the 209 conditions ;likely to be decided in the back rooms—with NO PUBLIC INPUT !

Surely,someone must have asked, ‘why TWO ,environmentally challenging , 1200 KM LONG PIPELINES to transport ONE product ‘ ?
Yes a completely different , publically acceptable pipeline ,with agreed land and ocean routes, is required. Call it a ‘combined ‘,SMART , Enbridge/Kinder Morgan,pipelines system from Alberta to Port Simpson.
How long will Alberta and the customers wait ?

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)
604 9864657