Let our leaders LEAD !

Mr. Prentice,Alberta Premier ,and Mr. Al Monaco ,Enbridge President and CEO ,each have   mused about the possibility of moving out of Douglas Channel…showing a willingness to look at options…!
Premier, Christy Clark recently appointed Mr. Shawn Atleo  ,Past National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, …, to help negotiate with First Nations…great !
Mr. Harper ,with those leaders named above ,and each with  significant vested interests,  could develop a ‘new concept’ plan for a  BC/Alberta pipeline….  ..Such an open, publically led plan ,should provide Mr. Harper with  enough POLITICAL AMMUNITION …to get this bitumen export plan ‘SAFELY’ through parliament .
Any plan must show ,clearly, that there will be no, unnecessary , increased bitumen laden tanker traffic in our busy,environmentally sensitive ocean waters.
For this reason,  the Kinder Morgan (KM) scheme remains unacceptable  … and they then become a partner  in the new concept plan.
Let Enbridge and KM project engineers, jointly ‘prepare’ this ‘new concept’  Alberta to Port Simpson ,simpler,combined pipelines system plan ,for an ‘expedited’ NEB review…which provides open access, for Alberta bitumen, to reach world markets ,that will pay negotiated  prices and  help Canada’s weakening  economy …