A PIPELINER’ EPIPHANY–it’s about time !

The Enbridge Board ,while  at their recent  first quarter financial results meeting , had a golden opportunity to announce their  EPIPHANY, about  their NEW operations/public safety CULTURE …NOW , 4 years since the NTSB chastisement about their 2010  CULTURE.

Enbridge , NEB,Harper, etc. all have chosen ,to ‘not hear’ the BC concerns about bitumen spills in our busy waters ,island passes ,channels , and harbours .

Kinder Morgan  has behaved similarly, in this regard   !

BC has a ‘SPECIAL’ concern about  the Great Bear rain forest region,home to the white Kermode bears—and other  critters.  Trans Canada(Energy East) ,has LISTENED ,to Quebec’ public concerns,  and will ‘not build’ a proposed new oil loading terminal ,on the St. Lawrence shores..because of  the possible ‘effect’ on the white beluga whale calving area.. !

Also of concern,is the threat to our environmentally related businesses,which  generate multi-billions(revenues and taxes) for the BC/Canadian economy.

Recently ,Enbridge  SIMULATED a pipeline oil spill  into a North Dakota RIVER..The BC concern is about a  bitumen  tanker spilling bitumen  into  our coastal OCEAN waters….say,during  a night-time tide change,with a gale blowing,and a behemoth bitumen laden tanker hung up on a reef,etc….Let Mr. Harper ,with his  ‘scientifically’ developed bitumen WORLD CLASS containment and recovery contraption…SIMULATE that for  the public !

There is a simple solution to address this valid concern…combine both pipelines ,to terminate in Port Simpson, an area that would significantly  reduce the probability of a bitumen ocean spill—while permitting Alberta to reach world markets—It’s now time for Premiers Clark and Notley to resolve this pipelines MESS !