The decision  to export Alberta bitumen , typically, should follow …an ‘OPEN’ public hearing .However, in BC, the public was barred from appearing ,when they wished  to express their great concern about the multi-fold increase in the  number bitumen laden tankers in our environmentally sensitive, multibillion dollar revenue generating waters.
Energy East(trans Canada)  will transport more oil,over 4000 kilometres  ,in just one pipeline system –so WHY DO WE REQUIRE TWO PIPELINE SYSTEMS ??Instead ,BUILD  just  ONE  pipeline system    to transport Alberta bitumen to a smarter location on  the BC coast !
The NEB has found the sloppy  pipeline proposals submitted to be deficient in 354 areas(Enbridge 206 ‘conditions’ and Kinder Morgan 145 ‘conditions’ ) !!
The  ‘risk/probability’ science  ,cleverly, has  avoided by the NEB and our  leaders.. No ,world-class,  independent, world class, SCIENCE-BASED , RISK ANALYSIS studies were offered ??
A Washington State, EPA funded ,study of increased marine traffic, in our shared Salish Sea  ,CONCLUDED   “…simply…there is no guarantee that RISK increases ….. can be fully mitigated.”       Our NEB chose to, NOT REVIEW  this available report—!